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Discover the benefits of hiring Southwest Groundwater Surveyors to help you find well water prior to drilling! With our state-of-the-art scientific equipment, we are able to provide you with the groundwater location, its depth, and its yield, prior to water well drilling.

We continue to save our clients thousands of dollars, who, through the use of our service, are able to locate a water well drilling site with confidence and not worry about drilling a dry or low yield well. Water well drilling can be expensive if given incomplete or incorrect information about where to drill for the new well. It is crucial to know as precisely as possible the location of water and estimated amounts of water underground before any well drilling efforts are undertaken.
Find well water - Goundwater surveying in CA, AZ, NM, UT & NV


1. We locate the aquifer and drilling location, before you drill a well.

2. We determine how deep the water is (to the base of the aquifer).

3. We estimate the yield in gallons per minute.


Southwest Groundwater Surveyors‘ patented GF3500 computer equipment is the latest generation of electro-seismic geophysical technology, that will help you find well water before you go to the expense of drilling a well blindly. Unlike traditional water dowsing, this electro-seismic technology (developed by geophysicists Dr. Richard Clark and Dr. John Millar of Groundflow Ltd.) is based on scientific principles and has been proven to consistently provide accurate results.

With the GF3500 electro-seismic technology we are able to collect electric signals generated by the passage of a seismic wave that we send through the ground using one of two sources – a hammer/plate for depths to 300′ or the “buffalo” black powder charge for depths to 1600′. The seismic wave then moves the water in saturated sand, gravel, and rocks slightly. The water is displaced causing a small but measurable electric signal. That signal returns to the surface and is recorded by our highly sensitive equipment.

Once the collected data is processed, we provide you with a detailed report of our findings, determining the best place to locate and drill a well, the depth to drill the well, and the approximate well yield in gallons per minute.

If there is no water present then there will be no signal indicating an aquifer.

With experience and understanding of the geological diversities of the American Southwest, our surveyors are the best trained in the techniques required to collect the data in a variety of situations, and provide you with timely and accurate results.

By incorporating local geologic information, along with the indications from our electro-seismic data, we are able to provide our clients with the most accurate scientific analysis available regarding correct drilling site and depth – all for a fraction of the cost of drilling test holes blindly!


  • Home owners – whose water pressure has decreased or well has gone dry.
  • Land owners – who are interested in water well drilling or need a water well site located for new construction.
  • Developers – building outside of city water service areas, who need to locate well water.
  • Realtors and property owners – wishing to provide a well location to buyers.
  • Farmers– who need agricultural irrigation wells.
  • Ranchers – who need stock wells for live stock
  • Utility Companies – exploring new well sites and water development strategies.
  • Engineering Firms – planning or aiding in new construction or well development.
  • Investors – desiring to increase the value of their property.
  • Well Drillers – wishing to provide productive / cost effective well drilling locations to clients.

Over 3000 (U.S.) clients served and over 40,000 soundings performed using the Groundflow EKS technology.


It is our goal at Southwest Groundwater Surveyors to find well water where it exists and to help our clients determine the very best well drilling site. It is our priority to help prevent clients from drilling an expensive dry well or low yielding well in a less than optimal spot. This eliminates unnecessary and costly drilling that would have a negative effect on the natural state of the underground aquifer, minimizing carbon emissions and damage to the surrounding environment.